Szerzetesség a koraújkori Magyarországon

This will be blog of the research group “Religious orders in 18th-century Hungary”. The members of the group research the comparative history of the religious orders in the early modern period in an interdisciplinary way. They all examine these orders as originating from and being closely related to society. In the heyday of Central European Baroque religious orders not only performed liturgical and doctrinal tasks, but also took part in pastoral service, education, medical attendance, poor-relief, prisoner redeem, artistic and economic life. Their cultural, pastoral and economic importance is marked by the fact, that their regularization and the abolition of the orders and cloisters seen as ‘unnecessary’ was such a stressful action of the enlightened government of Queen Maria Theresa and Emperor Joseph II. The Baroque religious world however, still lacks for historical elaboration adequate to its significance.

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