Communities of Devotion

Religious Orders and Society in East Central Europe, 1450–1800,
ed. Maria Crăciun–Elaine Fulton, Farnham–Burlington, 2011 (Catholic Christendom 1300–1700). 283 pp.


  • Maria Crăciun–Elaine Fulton, Introduction: Communities of Devotion: Religious Orders and Society in East Central Europe, 1450–1800, 1-28.
  • Maria Crăciun, Mendicant Piety and the Saxon Community of Transylvania, c. 1450–1550, 29-70.
  • Marie-Madeleine de Cevins, The Influence of Franciscan Friars on Popular Piety in the Kingdom of Hungary at the End of the Fifteenth Century, 71-90.
  • Carmen Florea, The Third Path: Charity and Devotion in Late Medieval Transylvanian Towns, 91-120.
  • Erdélyi Gabriella, Conflict and Cooperation: The Reform of Religious Orders in Early Sixteenth-Century Hungary, 121-152.
  • Rona Johnston Gordon, Between Bishop and Prince: Monasteries and Authority in Austria in the Late Sixteenth Century, 153-170.
  • Elaine Fulton, Mutual Aid: The Jesuits and the Courtier in Sixteenth-Century Vienna, 171-196.
  • Christine Peters, Jesuits, Confessional Identities and Landlordship in God‘s Transylvanian Vineyard, 1580–1588, 197-226.
  • Martin Eibel, Tamquam Peregrini: Pilgrimage Practice in the Bohemian Franciscan Province, 227-244.
  • Greta-Monica Miron, The Basilian Monk and the Identity of the Uniate Church in Eighteenth-Century Transylvania, 245-273.
  • Ronnie Po-chia Hsia, Epilogue, 273-276.



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