How Were the Catalogi Tertii Compiled

As part of the Jesuit Studies Café, organized by The Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at Boston College (Chestnut Hill, MA), with collaborating partners at the University of Lisbon and the Italian German Historical Institute, Zsófia Kádár (post-doctoral fellow at the University of Vienna, Institute of Austrian Historical Research) presents her research with the title:

How Were the Catalogi Tertii Compiled and Who Wrote Them? Some Points of Reference from the Austrian Jesuit Province

The discussions at the Jesuit Studies Café give unique opportunities to learn more about the newest and most interesting scholarship in Jesuit Studies. Please contact the Institute with any questions or if you wish to join or lead a café in the future (

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Koltai András (2023, November 15). How Were the Catalogi Tertii Compiled. Szerzetesség a koraújkori Magyarországon. Retrieved May 24, 2024, from

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